Enjoy A Small Extravagance!



Casses are usually held on the third Sunday of each month, noon to 4PM.

Our classes are unique!. Learn from professional goldsmiths in a professional studio.
Each class is designed to teach a specific technique, and master a specific set of tools.
All precious metals and gemstones are provided for each specific project, designed to enhance your skills: beginning or advanced .
Enjoy the creative processes enjoyed by artisans the world over, enhance your skill set, and leave wearing a lovely sterling addition to your jewelry collection!

Classes and bench rentals are offered as our studio schedule allows. Call or text 859-269-0878, or email us ; Cindy@asmallextravagance.com for information, or to register for an upcoming class.

Currently Offering:

Build A Ring! May 19th
  • Tools we will use: Measuring, marking, and sizing tools, jewelers saw, patterning stamps, and a torch!
  • Techniques we will practice: Pattern transfer, sawing, stamping and patterning, sizing, welding, filing and finishing.
  • Materials provided: Sterling silver

Bezel Building: June and July 14
  • Choose a gemstone from our offerings and learn the techniques for forming and fitting your sterling silver around your gem. Add basic stone setting to your skill set with this class.
  • Tools we will use: Measuring, marking and sizing tools, files, a jewelers saw, setting tools, and a torch!
  • Materials provided: A variety of gemstone cabochons to choose from, (or other choices from our inventory) sterling silver, and a leather cord.

Roller Printing Necklace or Pin: June 16th Noon to 4
  • Learn creative patterning for the roller printing process, do some piercing, filing, and a bit of welding!
  • All experience levels welcome, all tools and materials included

Cold Connections:
Build a pendant or charm using fastening and assembling methods without needing a torch!
  • Tools we will use: The jewelry saw frame, rolling mill, design & transfer materials, rivets and other cold joining methods, jewelry files and finishing tools.
  • Techniques we will practice: Patterning, sawing, filing, roller printing, rivets and other cold connections.
  • Material provided: Sterling silver.

Lost wax:
($250 each session, and you must sign up for both).

This two day class introduces Lost wax casting. Build a form in wax and set it in plaster on day one. Your work will cure and fire overnight, and on day two we will cast your project in sterling silver, remove the sprue, and finish to 400. Easy!
  • Tools we will use: Wax carving tools, flex shaft, Measuring, marking, and sizing tools, casting torches, vacuum casting system.
  • Materials provided: Professional casting waxes, sterling silver

  • Tools we will use: Various sizes of professional bead stringing cord and the tools to make perfect knots between each gem.
  • Techniques we will practice: The ancient art of bead knotting, used to protect your fragile pearls or other gemstones from abrading one another over time, keeping your strand at it’s highest value and finest form. This is also used to prevent loss. If a knotted strand breaks, at most a single pearl might be lost.
  • Materials provided: One strand of freshwater pearls, (or other choices from our inventory) professional beading cords, one sterling clasp.

Classes are usually held on the third Sunday of each month, noon to 4PM.

For those of you who have completed THREE or more class sessions and are able to work independently, we offer bench rentals by the hour or by the day Call for availability.

Please contact us to arrange a time convenient to you.

Class sessions currently offered at $250 per session. (The lost wax sessions take two days - $500)

Materials fees are included