Benchwork 101

Introduction to the professional metalsmithing workshop. Seminar participants will fabricate a sterling silver work of art using a variety of basic tools of the silversmithing trade. Getting comfortable on the workbench is a precursor to success in any other workshop setting. For beginners and experienced craftspeople alike. We will provide a variety of patterns for you, but you are welcome to design your own on the blank we provide.
  • Benchwork 101

*Our intentionally later starting time is on purpose. After having attended many seminars ourselves, we will try this schedule to avoid an actual lunch break. In our experience, the lunch break disrupts the flow of learning when we have just begun. We don’t mind anyone taking any break they require, whenever they require one, but we hope you will arrive well fed and ready to be creative! We feel this is the best use of your class time.


December 10th 11 am-4 pm


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